A message from Anonymous
Whens ur next show in NY? U need to do way more NY shows dude

Idk I don’t like doing ny shows, yall not supportive :(

A message from Anonymous
I feel like my boyfriend is on the way to doing exactly what you did in your relationship. Really wish you could gove him advice.

Lol honestly let him, it’s a valuable Lesson for the both of you.

A message from duttywavez
Yo I've been fucking with you mad heavy since 448c not just on some music shit but fashion shit too Rebel life or no life

Good looks my nigga!

A message from Anonymous
I'm some fat nigga and i fuck wit the way u dress bro! Your closet has nothing but fire. I deff would highly appreciate if u sold me any Preme or bape hats for the low. #brokelife lol

Are you XL fat? Or L fat?
Cause if you XL I can’t help you

A message from Anonymous
yo nigga eye'm scared. rapping is in my heart but eye have 0 connects 0 resources. Eye'm from Houston, my style of rap isnt supported. You gotta help g

Lol NY don’t really support my shit like that, look at my latest video niggas hating like crazy, but that just adds more power to me, just do you & make dope shit, the connections and resources will come to you homie.

A message from bapellan
yo can i get some advice on this rapping shit bro

I’m a rookie myself so I’m still learning the fundamentals to this shit.
But just make sure your shit dope, has substance, and your production is always on 10 and you’ll be good homie

A message from Anonymous
ever met or kicked it with anyone from asap? just curious. your styles are all dope

Yeah, all the artist in NY pretty much be in the same loop at times

A message from Anonymous
you guys back together? i saw a pic of you guys from yesterday

Si si

A message from zaycoool
Fuck bitches Get money

Word to B-I


Me, kenrebel, and glynbrown

Afro Punk 2K14

Photo taken by me:




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A message from Anonymous
Bruh you never replied to my bape windbreaker question

Nigga I don’t own a Bape windbreaker, only coats sweaters and some shirts

A message from Anonymous
Man, I had emmence amounts of respect for you. Until I found out you cheated. I can't respect a guy who doesn't respect his women. Just going to hit that unfollow and delete your music. Sorry bruh. Learn how to truly love and respect others

Lol okay…(acts like I care)